DAP Construction Development is bringing the healthy home concept to Nişantaşı, the center of luxury, with its new project. The project is located between the American Hospital and Ihlamur Kasrı, which is adjacent to 60 thousand square meters of grove area, larger than the total green area of the region.

In houses with ceiling heights ranging from 4 to 8 meters, those who wish can enter the pool on apartment-sized terraces, and those who wish will be able to enjoy the unique Bosporus, grove and Nişantaşı view accompanied by a fireplace.

Thanks to the Nişantaşı Koru project developed by DAP Construction Development, which brings a completely different sense of luxury to Nişantaşı in terms of housing and living space, you can enter your house also from the garden, you can spend time in the pool while your children play in the garden; you can have a life where you can experience nature and luxury in the comfort of a villa, in the heart of Nişantaşı.

The 60 thousand square meter grove area in the project, which is larger than the total green area of Nişantaşı and designed based on the recommendations of the health committee, creates a completely different atmosphere in the greenery even though it is in the heart of the city. It offers a life in a grove with its gardens where you can stroll and watch a 100 thousand square meter natural landscape.

The units in the Nişantaşı project have been designed with the logic of luxury boat design in such a way that the materials are compatible with each other, the living spaces are used in the most efficient way, and the quality and comfort are at the maximum. The number of independent sections in the project is low. The floor height is 5 to 10 floors. The ceiling height in the residences is at least 4 meters. In this way, the project offers spacious and heart-warming living spaces with high ceilings.

Nişantaşı Koru project by DAP Construction Development, is 650 meters, namely, 5 minutes' walk away to Abdi İpekçi Street, the number one address of luxury brands in Turkey, and also 300 meters away from City's Nişantaşı Shopping Center… In this sense, it is just “next door” to the top luxurious brands such as Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci…

DAP Construction Development developed the Nişantaşı Koru project by making “health” the focus of the business, the importance of which is much better understood by everyone today. Nişantaşı project with its "Healthy Home" concept, is at the heart of health centers with its close proximity to nearly 500 health units, nearly 100 hospitals, including the American Hospital and polyclinics in and around Nişantaşı, as well as doctors' offices.