Operating in the real estate industry with the vision of introducing the works that bring artistic architecture together with comfort to Turkey, DAP Construction Development A.Ş. was founded in 1981 under the name Eltes İnşaat. The company was renamed as DAP Construction Development (DAP Real Estate Development) in 2021.

The total construction area of projects completed by DAP Construction Development covers over 2 million square meters to date and the company has carried out many projects including more than 10 thousand residences, office, commercial, business centers, holiday villages, hotels, schools, and private hospital projects.

Having successfully completed various projects, which respect environment, nature and people by adding additional value to its proximity in compliance with the motto of “Projects in the Right Area”, DAP Construction Development currently holds Validebağ Konakları, Ormanköy, Nişantaşı Koru and Dap Levent in its portfolio.


Offering country life in the city, Yeni Levent has been specially designed to get maximum efficiency and comfort from the lush green areas in its landscape and the refreshing atmosphere of the groves and forests around it. Yeni Levent comes to life with the vision of DAP in Levent, which is close to all important points of the city and transportation axes, and is also the only example of the concept of Country Life in the City in Turkey.

The country lifestyle, which we are accustomed to seeing far from the city center, is in the city center for the first time in years. Realizing the firsts in the consturuction sector, Dap invites you to a lush natural life in the heart of Levent this time.


Validebağ Mansions, one of the most successful examples of low-rise architecture, consist of a combination of mansion life with today's modern lines.

Validebağ Mansions, located in Altunizade, an exclusive district of Istanbul, offers different housing options ranging from 1 bedroom to 6 bedroom floor plans. The project is located right across Validebağ Korusu (Grove), after which it is named. Validebağ Grove, which is a natural flora located in the city, is the most important green area of the region, with a size of 354 thousand square meters...


Addressing the changing housing habits during the pandemic, Ormanköy project is located in Çekmeköy, one of the new attraction centers of Istanbul. The project was created according to the ‘healthy home” concept developed by DAP Gayrimenkul for the first time in Turkey and implemented with the recommendations of the health committee. The project area covers about 200 thousand square meters, and 90 percent of this area, has been set to be preserved for green space. Thanks to Ormanköy project, which has a low-rise Scandinavian Architecture in accordance with the healthy home concept, the garden villa and terrace villa concepts have been introduced to the real estate industry for the first time in Turkey.


Bringing the ‘healthy home concept to Nisantasi, the center of luxury, DAP Construction Development’s Nisantasi Koru project, built with a new luxury concept, is located between the American Hospital and Ihlamur Pavilion. Nişantaşı Koru, which is located in a 60 thousand square meter grove close to Ihlamur Pavilion, attracts attention with its low-rise architecture, while it stands out with its ceiling height ranging from minimum 4 to 8 meters in the houses, apartment-sized terraces, garden villa and terrace lofts in the luxury boat concept, and pools on the terraces.


As DAP Construction Development, based on our vast experience in the industry, we are bringing past, present and future together with the respect for people and the environment, and we design buildings for the future which will secure a lasting legacy.

We offer comfortable living spaces to the community we live in, while providing support to the Turkish economy and added value to our people's lives with our different and extraordinary projects that we have realized with our mission to change the real estate dynamics in our country.

While accomplishing the most prestigious projects of the industry, we offer a new the definition of luxury that has changed over the years with factors such as changing consumer expectations in the world as well as the increase in the understanding of sense of comfort with a vision that will add value to the city.

Projects built by DAP Construction Development are iconic works that has changed the skyline of the cities they are located in and they are considered as symbols for the region, continuing to proudly keep our flag flying in Turkey and abroad with their “first” in terms of architectural freedom.

Since the first day, acting with the vision of adding value to the regions we invest in, we define our work as designing great works of art from small grains of sand.

With our priority to carry out innovative projects in accordance with the characteristics of the regions we invest in, we are proud to design works that will preserve their value for years with their architecture and concept, which will be inherited through generations.

Dr. Ziya Yılmaz
Chairman of DAP Construction Development




Chairman of the Board
Business Person / Manager / Entrepreneur

Highly experienced in making commercial investments, Mr. Ziya Yılmaz has a demonstrated history of establishing and managing companies, especially in the construction industry as well as in tourism and other similar industries. He has served as the vice president of the Housing Developers and Investors Organization and is a member of the High Advisory Board of the Real Estate International Promotion Association, the Association of Real Estate Investors and the Istanbul Builders Association. In 2018, he was honored with an honorary doctorate awarded by Istanbul Gedik University for his contributions to the real estate industry, and projects he has developed.


Vice Chairman of the Board
Business Person / Manager / Entrepreneur

Highly experienced in making commercial investments, Mr. Rafet Yılmaz has a demonstrated history of establishing and managing companies, especially in the construction industry as well as in tourism and other similar industries.


Board Member

He graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law in 1989. He has been working as a self-employed lawyer since 1991. He is an expert in construction law, corporate law, law of obligations and aviation law.


Board Member

He received his bachelor’s degree from Faculty of Law, Istanbul University in 2001. He has been working as a self-employed lawyer since 2003. He is specialized in construction law, corporate law, law of obligations and criminal law.


Independent Board Member
Capital Markets Consultancy

He received his bachelor’s degree from Department International Relations, Middle East Technical University in 1999, and also has a minor degree in economics. After serving on the Capital Markets Board between the years of 1999 to 2007, he served as Assistant General Manager of Financial Affairs in a company operating in the real estate industry between 2007 - 2011. Since 2011, he has been working as a consultant to and serving a large number of companies on capital markets. He became an independent board member of the Company in 2021.


Independent Board Member
Civil Engineer / Manager

He was graduated from Civil Engineering and Business Administration programs and completed his PhD studies in Civil Engineering. He worked as a Provincial Director, Head of Department, Deputy General Director and ILBANK Board Member. He is working as an Assistant to the President of Marmara University and Academic Member of the Faculty of Engineering; he has authored many national and international academic works and publications.



In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data ("KVKK"), this clarification text has been prepared by DAP Construction Development Anonim Şirketi for the purpose of providing the necessary clarification to control the data of third parties whose data are processed, excluding our employees. Our company, as the data controller, may process, store, classify, update the Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data of third parties in accordance with the law within the scope of the purposes explained below and, where permitted by the legislation.

Law; the Law on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) No. 6698.
Personal Data; any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.
Sensitive personal data; Personal data relating to the race, ethnic origin, political opinion, philosophical belief, religion, religious sect or other belief, appearance, membership to associations, foundations or trade-unions, data concerning health, sexual life, criminal convictions and security measures, and the biometric and genetic data are deemed to be special categories of personal data.
Processing of personal data; means any operation which is performed on personal data, wholly or partially by automated means or non-automated means which provided that form part of a data filing system, such as collection, recording, storage, protection, alteration, adaptation, disclosure, transfer, retrieval, making available for collection, categorization, preventing the use thereof.
Data Owner/ Data Subject; the natural person, whose personal data are processed.
Data Processor; the natural or legal person who processes personal data on behalf of the data controller upon its authorization.
Data Controller; the natural or legal person who determines the purposes and means of processing personal data and is responsible for the establishment and management of the data filing system.

2. Purpose of Processing Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data
Personal data /Sensitive personal data obtained by DAP Construction Development Anonim Şirketi will be processed within the scope of the following:
*Conducting Emergency Management Processes, Information Security Processes, Employee Candidate/Intern/Student Selection and Placement Processes, Application Processes of Employee Candidates, Auditing Ethics & Culture, Training Activities, Access Authorizations, Conduct of Activities in accordance with the Legislation, Finance and Accounting Processes, Implementing Financial/Product/Service Commitment Processes, Ensuring Physical Security, Conducting Assignment Processes, Following-up and Conducting Legal Activities, Conduct of Audit/Investigation/Intelligence Activities, Communication Activities, Human Resources Planning, Recruitment and Evaluation Processes, Auditing Business Activities, Conducting Occupational Health/Safety Activities, Business Partnership/Purchase-Sale Contract Negotiations and Contracts, Taking and Evaluating Suggestions for Improving Business Processes, Ensuring Business Continuity, Conducting Logistics Activities, Goods & Service Purchase Processes, Goods & Service After Sales Support Services, Goods & Service Production and Operation Processes, Customer Relationship Management Processes, Customer Satisfaction-Oriented Activities, Organization and Event Management, Conducting Marketing Analysis, Performance Evaluation Processes, Advertising / Campaign/Promotion Processes, Risk Management, Goods/Service Purchasing and Activities, Contract Processes, Sponsorship Activities, Strategic Planning Activities, Follow-Up of Requests/Complaints, Ensuring the Security of Movable Goods and Resources, Conducting Supply Chain Management Processes, Wage Policy, Marketing Processes of Products/Services, Managing the Process of Procurement of Power of Attorney and Signature Circular, Ensuring the Security of Data Controller Operations, Conducting Investment Processes, Talent/Career Development Activities, Providing Information to Authorized Persons, Institutions and Organizations, and the Execution of Management Activities.

3. Transfer of Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data
Personal data processed within the scope of the explained purposes can be transferred to our business partners, shareholders, affiliates and subsidiaries, suppliers, Group Companies, authorized public institutions and organizations, to the companies from which you can find support services and to real persons and independent audit companies within the framework of legal obligations and legal limitations, in accordance with the basic principles stipulated in the KVKK and within the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the KVKK.

4. Transfer of Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data Abroad
Personal data is not transferred abroad by DAP Construction Development Anonim Şirketi. In case of transfer of data abroad, the necessary information will be provided by our company and if it requires obtaining the explicit consent of the data subject due to the law, the necessary information will be provided to the data subject and explicit consent of the data subject will be obtained; only after this process, the transfer can be made.

5. Method of Collecting Personal Data/Sensitive Personal Data
Personal data is collected through applications to the Company, contacting via e-mail or different channels in order to carry out business activities by DAP Construction Development Anonim Şirketi, based on the legal reasons mentioned below.

6. Legal Reasons for the Processing of your Personal Data by the Company;
Personal data are collected, used, recorded, stored and processed within the framework of the principle of proportionality, in connection with and limited to the above-mentioned legitimate purpose, by clearly and comprehensibly informing the personal data owners in writing and obtaining their explicit consent if necessary, in order to establish an employment contract, to exercise the data subject's rights arising from the law and the contract, and in order for the Company to fulfill legal obligations in accordance with the law and the rules of honesty. Your personal data collected in this process are collected securely in physical and electronic environment during the beginning and continuation of the contractual relationship in order to carry out the above-mentioned processes and to carry out our commercial and business activities. In addition, if a special retention period is foreseen in the laws related to the relevant data, this data will be stored securely in physical and electronic environment for the foreseen retention period. In this context, special categories of personal data/personal data can be processed and transferred without explicit consent in the light of the principles stipulated in Article 4(2) of the KVKK or in the presence of the situations stipulated in Articles 5 (2) and 6(3).

7.Ensuring Protection of Personal Data
The Company takes all necessary measures stipulated in the 1st paragraph of Article 12 of the KVKK to provide an appropriate level of security for the protection of personal data.

8. Your Data Subject Rights within the Scope of KVKK
As per article 11 of KVKK, the rights of the data subject are as follows:

  • to learn whether his/her personal data are processed or not,
  • to demand for information as to if his/her personal data have been processed,
  • to learn the purpose of the processing of his/her personal data and whether these personal data are used in compliance with the purpose,
  • to know the third parties to whom his personal data are transferred in country or abroad,
  • to request the rectification of the incomplete or inaccurate data, if any,
  • to request the erasure or destruction of his/her personal data under the conditions referred to in Article 7,
  • to request reporting of the operations carried out pursuant to sub-paragraphs (d) and (e) to third parties to whom his/her personal data have been transferred,
  • to object to the occurrence of a result against the person himself/herself by analyzing the data processed solely through automated systems,
  • to claim compensation for the damage arising from the unlawful processing of his/her personal data.

9. For Questions and Requests
Please send your requests regarding your rights mentioned in the above articles to the following email address or to our company address: Altayçeşme Mahallesi, Zeytindalı Sokak, No:16 B Blok Maltepe / Istanbul Your request will be completed free of charge no later than thirty (30) days. However, if the process requires an additional cost, the fee in the tariff determined by the Board will be charged.